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Pulka Dot's

Pulka Dot's

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Introducing our eco-friendly and all-natural plant pre-scented wool dryer balls!

Facts about using our product.

  • A single bag replaces up to 6-8 boxes of dryer sheets, 2 bottles of fabric softener, along with all the cancerous chemicals, pollution, as well as the money it costs us using nasty dryer sheets and fabric softeners.
  • Perfect for people with sensitive skin, unless if you are allergic to the plant or wool, it’s hard for an allergic reaction to occur! Possible with being made without synthetic scents and harmful chemicals. Perfect for people with Eczema, psoriasis, and other skin problems. Use our lavender to possibly help calm your skin as well!
  • 3 balls lasts up to 5 months of scent with the potency of 3-4 dryer sheets per load! Making your clothes and room smell great! P.S. it comes in a pack of 6!! Making it perfect for college kids due to a bag lasting almost a full college year.
  • Softens clothes naturally without chemicals, while grabbing pet hair, reducing static, as well as reducing drying time.
  • Mix and match our scents to enjoy new scents, like our Classic Bloom Bundle, or our Citrus Sunshine Bundle. Buying two bags not only replaces up to $500 dollars in harsh chemicals, but also gives you three different scents to choose from. For example a Calm and Zest bundle gives you Lemon, Lavender, as well as the opportunity to use 1-2 of each in the same load!
  • Pulka Dot’s are also naturally decomposable. Dramatically reducing pollution, and the harming of wildlife. These can also be used in compost bins for flowerbeds when you’re done with them!


These dryer balls are made with 100% pure New Zealand wool and are plant scented!! Making these a great alternative to traditional dryer sheets. Our dryer balls are perfect for sensitive skin and will leave your clothes feeling soft and fresh without the use of harsh chemicals or synthetic fragrances. And our dryer balls don't require oils or any other additives, to keep scent!! Just put them in, leave them in and let the magic happen!!

In addition to being gentle on your skin, our dryer balls also reduce drying time, which saves energy and money. They work by separating your clothes in the dryer, allowing hot air to circulate more efficiently and evenly. While grabbing that pesky pet hair, lint, and reducing static!

Plus, our dryer balls are reusable and long-lasting so you can leave them in after each load! Unlike dryer sheets, save the fight and time of getting them out of the box and having to pick the box up off the floor.

As a bonus, we offer a bi-monthly subscription service where you can receive a fresh set of dryer balls delivered right to your doorstep every month. With our subscription service, you'll never have to worry about running out of dryer balls again.

Order now and experience the killer of dryer sheets, and the benefits of our eco-friendly and all-natural wool dryer balls as well as reducing your carbon footprint!

#SaveTheEarth #CancelDryerSheets #SaveOurWaters #SaveEnergyAndMoney

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Customer Reviews

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These dryer balls are the best smelling things I’ve ever smelled/tried … I got sweet orange, and it did not let me down 10/10 would recommend!!! I’ve never tried these before, but I will be buying again since it cuts out single use dryer sheets and help dryer time be reduced so it’s honestly a win win in the long run!! And these are very high-quality compared to a lot of other ones I’ve seen out there for the price!!!

Kennedy Lacey
Lemon Dryer Balls

I LOVE these! They smell amazing and make my clothes dry so quick and smell so much better!!

Absolutely Love These!!!

Made my clothes and my entire floors smell wonderful!! Will never use dryer sheets again!


I was skeptical about these since I have eczema and my kids have sensitive skin. However, these have yet to break out anyone in my houses skin! And my whole laundry room smells amazing! I love combining the lavender and the lemon!